Evolution of DNA - Epilog
First Protein Transcription
First Genetic Replication
First Feedback
Puddle Evolution
First Dispersal & Evolution
First Parasite
First Organism
First Cell Metabolism
First Self-Sufficiency
Aromatic Assistants
First Assimilation
First Transfer Molecules
Eight Molecule Life
Complementary Base Pairs
Energy Sources
Conquering the Oceans
First Cells
Cellular Explosion
Gene Regulation
First DNA
Wider Reading Frames
Complementary Triplets
Cellular Scripts
The Spread of Foxy
Second Parasite-- Transposons
First Schism
Improved Gene Regulation
Cell Structures
Eukaryote Explosion
Multi-Cellular Scripts
Cambrian Explosion
Appendix 1-- Prebiotic Earth
Appendix 2-- Primordial Puddles
Appendix 3-- Primordial Catalysts
Appendix 4-- C Value Enigma
Cast of Characters

This book has been primarily a work of imagination.

The early evolution of DNA happened so long ago that there is little hope of proving or disproving any particular pathway for its formation. There may be equally plausible ways to trace its origin.

On the other hand, if Foxy and Moxy scripts are actually the primary form of genetic inheritance, then an interesting new type of genetic research is about to begin.

It's quite possible that many genetic problems in complex organisms are caused by script problems-- either in the scripts themselves, or in the proteins that manage them. Understand the 'programming language' in our cells and our bodies may give us better understanding of the ways they fail, and perhaps help us find better solutions for those failings.

Of course, cracking the genetic code in the script portions of our genome will not be simple. It consists of a couple million transposons carrying a couple billion base pairs of data, and unraveling their details will challenge geneticists and crytographers for decades.

Best of luck!